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Total Pick 4 System



All Pick 4 numbers will have one of the following formats
  •  All 4 digits are differents -  1234 COVERED
  •  All 4 digits consist of 3 different digits  - 1123, 1223 or 1233 COVERED
  • All 4 digits consist of 2 different digit - 1112, 1122 or 1222 [21 of the 45 combinations COVERED]
  • All 4 digits consist of the same digit - 1111 or 9999 COVERED
  • 12 Two digit combination will lead you to the winners

Get proof of my winning 10,000.00.  Just go to the Official Ohio State Lottery site and give my name, Steven L. Baker; the date that the two 5,000.00 claim where made [02/07/1996].  I won on the Pick 4 number. Tell them what you would like to have the information for and I am sure that they will give you the information.


Pick 4 Lottery Numbers System
Title '4All'
  • All numbers are FARTHER REDUCED BY MORE THAN 60% using our unique eight Elimination Factors.
AGAIN--What's left to COME in the Pick 4 Game?
 Only Two types of Pick 4 numbers that haven't been covered by the 12 DETERNINANTS  
  1. Numbers in the Pick 4 games that have two digits; total 24 numbers. Example: 1222, 3344 [they have only the 2 digits].  The system doesn't cover these 24 numbers, yet there are ways to eliminate even them if you would like to include them into the game.  Very seldom comes in any drawings.
  2. Numbers in the Pick 4 games that have one digit;   total 10 numbers.  Example: 0000, 9999 [they have only the 1 digit].  The system does cover these 10 numbers.  Yet,  they very seldom comes in any drawings AND came be covered at a cost of 5.00.






A LIFETIME REFUND is more than a LIFETIME or 30, 60, 90 day guaranty or warranty on the product.  Because, if  something goes wrong with a purchase, you don't want another product replacement [the first one didn't work] or a statement saying that the deadline has expired. What you need to know is that if the thing does not work as advertised then please give me back my money.

So, which is better a lifetime guaranteed policy [on their product] or a lifetime guaranteed refund [on your money].

You choose!Copy of the actual chart used for elimination process.




Questions about the Pick 4

Hello Brian;
Hey Steve whats goin on.
Clients like you who are kind hearted which I can tell in your writings.
Im pretty good, still winning about every few days.
Great Brian, just remember to set that money aside and try to play from it.  Don't always after a double which seems to come a lot in Kentucky.  Also, I been so busy that I haven't had time to your statement on the site, again I thank you.
 I was thinking about what you said about the pick 4.
 How much does that cost.
It comes in two parts with the first part pridicting all numbers which have 4 different digits (1234);  second part predicting numbers which has 3 different digits 1123).  Part 1 is $118  and part 2 is $40
 I would def like to try it once I start profiting from the pick 3.
I dont understand how it could be easier to win. With that extra digit it seems like there would be 10,000 more cbs.
I think there are othe examples on the site at:
But, another way to look at it is if asked you to select a group of 10 digits with no repeats then there is only one solution:  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and the digit 9.
If I asked you to select a group of 9 digits with no repeat there should be ten solutions with each group of 9 digits missing one of the ten possible digits that could come.  Are you seeing where I am going.  Now, if I asked you to select any group starting from ten to five the more units in the group the smaller is the total individual entities in the group.  At level 4 there are more units [210] in that group than at level three which are a [120].  If I were to ask you to select 11 digits with NO REPEATS; then the answer to the proble would be zero.  There are not  11 digits to select from in our numercal SYSTEM, here you are being ask to select a larger group, than asked previouly in the blue statement above and the result is lesser. 
Here I am trying to give you enough information to show you this: 
  • The total individual units of a group as you can see by the blue sentence above where you were ask to pick a group of 9 things is much easier than you trying to pick 4; thus picking 4 when comparing it with picking 3 by this concept indicates the possibility that more in the group might be easier to determine. 
 Do you play it and are you succesfull at it.
Brian, I very seldom have the desirer to play any more within the past month or so; so what can be more important than money?  God and My Mother.  Thus, I use all extra time to just relax and think.   I am also working on systems with the Mega Million techniques.  It is not that bad.
  I was looking at the payouts for it and it is ALOT more.
Yes, on a dollar in the state game played straight will yield $5,000.00 At some of the online casinos [which is illegal], a dollar bet yields $9,000.00. Brian you got me to thinking about making time to play. LOL But, mom is up in her age and really needs me; so when I am not responding to email concerns from the next group on my list that I am responsible too, you and other whom have purchased my products.  I might can find time to play once more; I enjoyed it.
But it has 6, 12, and 24 way box. What does that mean. Get back to me when you can.
Yes, those are boxed [different ways each number's individual digits are arranged], and it is much easier to hit than to box the pick 3.  The hardest thing about the pick 4 is to hit it straigh.  Now, that's the problem which I am also working on.  Your you and others who purchase any system are entiled to all updates on all system.  Learning away to better play a system like understanding a procedure for playing straight would be given free and part of the purchase package.  steve


Questions asked by one client to verify his understanding of the Pick 4 System he purchased.



Hello Edward;

Below is your email and questions in RED INK;

Hi Steve:
I received the book on Tuesday, 1/20/09, and I have gone through it and have
a lot of questions to ask you.

1. Throughout the book, you caution us to "keep the tallies updated". How do I go about doing this? Do I have to go through the process of eliminating all the 45 double digit combinations after every draw.

When a new number comes the updating will be:

1st. Write the new number which came down in the most recent position;

2nd. Separate that number into 2 digit combinations and place them beside
the number;

3th. Erase the 2 digits combinations from their previous position and you
are though and really to start the prediction procedure for the next

2. On page 13 and 14, you indicated that we need to mark the 13 combinations indicated in red.

Mark them You also mentioned that "if the numbers has 4 different digits and one of the XX combinations don't come, then the number must be one of the following combinations" What exactly do you mean by this.

Does this mean that if the pick 4 combination drawn on a particular day do not contain any one of the xx combinationns, then that partcular combination/number drawn should be on of the numbers listed on page 14


OR IT should not be one of those numbers?

This means that if the number that comes has 4 different digits then;

  1.. It will have one of the xx combinations; if not then it will be one of the numbers in that group mentioned. Just like you repeated it above. What is the reason for this information is to let you know that the number that come will be in one of two groups. One group with the xx combinations and the other with the non. xx combination.
Does this also mean that the pick 4 numbers drawn that particular day should be among those combinations indicated on page 14.

Yes, if the pick 4 number drawn does not have one of the xx two digit combinations mentioned

Does that also mean that I would have to play those numbers on page 14.

This mean that you would have to consider those number in the elimination process after you consider the numbers with one or more of the xx two digit combinations. These numbers are second rake to the others.

3. On page 15 you indicated that if one or more of the xx combinations are hanging xxxxxxx then play them until they separate.

Yes. This means that the numbers that have these combinations that have not xxxxxxxxx are now the better than all others for playing. Now, you can cover the other number that have not been eliminate; but I would pay closer attention to the number with these combinations.

Does this mean that you have to form 4 number combiantions from these xx two number combinations to play?

No, you don’t have to form or create the pick 4 numbers. The numbers are all on a sheet of paper that is in the package.

You also indicated that you can actually eliminate the numbers on page 14,

After you do the elimination steps, you won’t have to many to consider.

does this mean that you catually stop playing those numbers and on page 14 and concentrate on the xx two digit combinations? Depending on your budget and

No, on page 15, I am giving an example. If the xxxxxxx combinations are the one given on that page. Then none of those combination are in the numbers on page 15. Thus, since none of those combinations are in the numbers on page 15, You can actually forget about them and put you attention of only the
numbers that have those 2 or 3 xxxxxxx combinations. Again, if it’s a few numbers I would just cover them with a box bet.

4. Somewhere on your website you have indicated that the system allows you to generate numbers that you can play for a month. How do you do that?

I don’t recall that being in the pick 4 systems. It might be in one of the others. I’m not sure. When I get some questions I have to go and review the systems; then I'll answer the questions.  No, I am postive that I didn't said that
becaue it would directly opposed to the very basic theory on all of my systems.

5. Beginning from page 16, you have listed factors that are used to eliminate numbers. I am a little bit at a loss regarding what numbers we are eliminating here. Are you refering to the list of pick 4 numbers that you sent along with the book.


If so, do you employ all the elimination factors listed on pages 16 to 27.

Yes,  this will reduce the numbers [cost] and the remaining one are the best predictions.

What happens after you have applied these factors. Do you then play whatever numbers that are left from the list

Yes, after you place the non-eliminated numbers on the worksheet by placing each number beside the most recent of the xx two digit combination in each number. Make certain that you can identity those that have a combination that is ********* The best number are always the most *********predictions.

and for how long do you have to play them.

You play them only for that drawing. It take about 3 minutes to prepare for the next predictions, do the elimination steps which is crossing out numbers and place the remaining.  Play only those as
instructed by certain factors.

Do you have to play all the numbers every time?

You should cover the *************numbers that are considered the best by
  the instructions.  If your budget allows and you see that it that drawing you could cover all of the predictions and still obtain a profit; then yes.  I say cover the ones indicated to be the best.  You are saying all of the numbers when you have not done the first step.  When you start working the system you will discover that there is not many to consider. The average is about 20 numbers, thus the answer would be 'Yes' I would always consider playing them all,  except in the situation which is very frequent and I discribe in the book.  The combinations are xxxxxxxx and xxxxx,  this will surprise you when you start during the actual work and see the final results which is less than 20 to play normally.


  I have added this sentence because the previous sentence seem to be being overlooked and causing reader to think that they will always have 20 numbers for each drawing.  Again, No, 20 is an average Read the statement where the spreadsheet produced 2 numbers with 4 different digit and 11 with 3 different digit and it predicted the winner.   HERE. Under endorsement by D. G, spreadsheet. 

  You are at a point where you are trying to see the whole picture without understanding its part.  Trying to put the puzzle together without seeing the picture. Don't! You can't. You must have confidence and start step by step.


These are the questions I have for now. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thanks






  • the 12 Determinant immediately
  • plus a list of the all 3 and the 4
    digit numbers. 
  • tutoring on your system immediately with several task
  • you will complete the major two part of your system with me personally as your coach. 
  • an immediate refund if one of the 12 two digit combination is not in EVERY NUMBER THAT YOU were asked WRITE IN THE 30 SECOND EXERCISE. 



$99.95 with a Lifetime Refunding Policy



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